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Dad: what's wrong? you look crabby..

Nothing, that's just my face....
May 13 ,2014
World Cup and Love
Asked the kids what the most important thing in the world is:

Senica: "Love"
Quinn: "The World Cup"...
Apr 25 ,2014
Smells Like Life
Mindy in kitchen making bacon.
Q walks in and exclaims, "It smells like life... That means bacon"...
Apr 23 ,2014
Dog bone
"That dog is trying to get your leg cause there is a bone in there!"...
Mar 11 ,2014
Senica just showed me this book. She asked, "Dad, someday can we have this much fun?"...
Nov 26 ,2013
Senica's Farting...
Senicas on her farting: "it's not me, it's my body"
Aug 25 ,2013
The madder you make me, the upsetter I get
Oct 09 ,2012
First day of school
So waking Brady up for his first day of school...
me: Brady, time to get up for school.
Brady: actually, I think I broke both ...
Aug 27 ,2012
Showed Q a picture of the Dome. Told him that the statue on top is Mary, Jesus' mother. He said, "Oh, so she's trapped in there?"...
Aug 25 ,2012
Unicorn Ride
Tonight we saw a fountain and s threw a penny in. When I asked what she wished for she said to ride on a unicorn.:)...
Jul 23 ,2012
Brady: "Mom, who is your favorite superhero?"
Me: "Underdog."
Brady: "How about one that isn't stupid?"...
Jul 10 ,2012
Butt Goo
Dad I don't like playing outside when it's hot because my butt gets gooey and I don't like that....
Jun 18 ,2012
Points to end of the tape measure: "Dad, is this Infiniti?"
Jun 08 ,2012
Stinky boys
mom, I just only hugged you to take away your nice smell and get my stinky boy smell on you. QVH age 5 1/2...
May 31 ,2012
Home Alone
Kate: "Mom, you know you don't have anyone in this house when we're at school? But when the BABY is born, then you'll have someone to play w...
May 24 ,2012
Talking to mom:
Me: I think I puked on my phone last night..
Mom: Oh ya you dropped it in your puke bucket. I tried to clean i...
May 15 ,2012
Supper Club
At dinner Saturday night I told the waitress my name was Marcus Aurelius and she wrote down Marcus "a real ass"...
May 08 ,2012
Choking Hazard
Senica(3) on wanting a hard candy after dinner, "I want a choking hazard."...
May 04 ,2012
Mom, I was trickin you, it's not milk that makes me act crazy, my brain is crazy by itself....
Apr 30 ,2012
"I call this sucker a sucker because it's suckey."
Apr 24 ,2012
Prayer time
Daniel at prayer time tonight "Dear God, thank you for the Jewel and all other grocery stores."...
Dan McCarthy
Apr 23 ,2012
Easter 2012
Upon survey of his Easter basket, Daniel says "it looks like the Easter bunny shops at Target."...
Dan McCarthy
Apr 08 ,2012
Brown belt
out of the blue...
Michael: Zach from my class has a brown belt.
Me: wow, that's great. He must practice a lot. Is it Karate o...
Mar 27 ,2012
Daniel in love
After school this week from the mouth of Daniel. "Mama, I love Annie and Annie loves me. We're very happy together."...
Dan McCarthy
Mar 24 ,2012
7 yo Zach listening to th...
While listening to the song "On the Catwalk" and hearing the line.."Im too sexy for my shirt..." Zach says, "Mom, this may be my song"..;-...
Mar 18 ,2012
The sun
We woke up for school and it was still dark. Quinn said thoughtfully: mom, the sun ran out of batteries. The moon will change them....
Mar 16 ,2012
Pillow pets march 2012...
My kids just walked in with their legs inside pillowcases. Mom look! Were pillow pets!...
Mar 03 ,2012
So Levi looks at his identical twin Luke and says... "Your ugly"
Feb 10 ,2012
My sweetie
Eli saw me on my facebook page and said, "Hey- that's you!"
Me: "How do I look, buddy?"
Eli: "You look like my heart" :-)...
Feb 09 ,2012
My superhero
Me: "Eli, what do you want for your 6th birthday?"
Eli: "Superpowers"...
Feb 03 ,2012
June 6, 2011

"They made that statue so birds could land on his head."...
Feb 01 ,2012
Brain and Bones
Quinn after I asked why he jumped on me: “It’s not me. It’s my brain. And my bones.”

-April 2011...
Feb 01 ,2012
box houses
so were eating little ceasars pizza when I said "dude if you think about it, were eating out of a cardboard box." Luke "yah people live in t...
Travis Van Camp
Jan 31 ,2012
Bacon mouth
Dad: Well that's the thing..bacon mouth is for the stuff you want to remember 20 years from now, not just the.. I woke up this morning and.....
Jan 31 ,2012
Viral Marketing Plan
I just went into the local Best Buy. Changed all the home pages on their tablets to www.baconmouth.com

That's our entire mar...
Bacon Mouth
Jan 30 ,2012
Princess Jasmine
Went to see Disney on Ice today. Tess announced to everyone around us that Princess Jasmine is "just a little bit naked."...
Jan 27 ,2012
Michael and the NFL
Michael has become obsessed with football and I could not be more proud. When I told him yesterday that there were just three games left th...
Jan 20 ,2012
BI don't think you meant ...
I was at Costco this afternoon. This couple was looking for a baby gift. The guy held up a cute little outfit with monkeys on it. The gal s...
Jan 11 ,2012
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Today, Alec told me, "Mom, I love "Diarrhea of a Wimpy Kid".
Dec 28 ,2011
Bacon Mouth
“Mom, Mom! I just got a great idea. Tonight when I'm sleeping with my mouth open you sneak in and put bacon in there”

Jan 19 ,2012
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